Bund Strap

The bund strap originated in Germany during World War II and was worn by pilots in the airforce. Bund straps are generally crafted out of leather. Leather was the original material used for crafting the straps, as leather possesses insulating properties that would stop the watch face from burning or freezing to the pilots wrist as they were exposed to extreme conditions.

Today, these strap can take a classic watch and give it a refreshing and stylish look.

Take a look at the range of brilliant looks achieved  with bund straps below.

Rolex Daytona on a crocodile strap:

Bund Strap Watch Straps Crocodile

Omega Speedmaster on a black leather strap:

Rolex Deepsea on a brown leather strap:

Bund Strap Rolex Deepsea Cool Wrist Watches

Panerai Luminor Marina on a tan leather strap:

Panerai Bund Strap Cool Wrist Watches