SwitchUps – First Edition

SwitchUp timepieces are a little different to those that normally appear on this website, however, they are extremely cool and therefore must be featured!

They are currently taking Australia, North America and the UK by storm as a must-have fashion accessory.

The idea is to purchase multiple watches in various colours and then to mix the watch faces & bands to create a wrist accessory that is unique to your taste. To assist you in visualising different looks, the SwitchUps team have produced a very handy mix-and-match tool called the ‘The Switchinator-2000®’ (which can be found on the official website here).

SwitchUps focus on fashion and comfort rather than the internal watch workings, therefore, all of the watches feature a standard battery engine.

I’ve purchased a bunch of these watches already and can safely say that SwitchUps look great on any wrist – male or female.

I’m so fond of SwitchUps that I’ve even put my everyday Rolex Submariner aside to make room on my wrist for these attractive puppies.

For more information head over to the official home of SwitchUps – www.switchups.com.au