Sylvester Stallone Panerai Watches

Sylvester Stallone Panerai Watches

To say that Sylvester Stallone likes Panerai wristwatches, would be an dramatic understatement!

Stallone is Panerai!

Sly has in fact been an ambassador for Panerai wristwatches since 1995, when he approached the company to produce a Stallone model, this turned out to be the ‘Slytech’ Stallone signature timepieces. If you pay close attention in many of Stallone’s films you will notice that most of his fellow cast members are also wearing Panerai wristwatches… I guess his good taste rubs off on his colleagues.

Below you will find a collection of photos of Sylvester Stallone wearing Panerai timepieces:

Film: Daylight / Panerai Model: Panerai Slytech Dayligh Submersible (PAM00225)

Film: Rambo / Panerai Model: Panerai PVD Luminor Marina Militare (PAM00310)

Film: The Expendables / Panerai Model: Panerai Luminor 1950 Regatta Raggrapante (PAM00322)